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Should I Ask My Vet Before Giving My Pet CBD?

It depends.

If your pet is not on any prescribed medications, you can safely add CBD to their diet without speaking to your vet. CBD is non-toxic and any excess is removed in their urine…it does not accumulate in the body. As with anything new that you introduce to their routine, watch for any changes to their behavior… upset stomachs, diarrhea, tremors, lethargy etc. Like humans, an allergic reaction is always possible. If you notice anything strange, discontinue use and call your vet if the reaction doesn’t subside.

So why do we recommend that you call your vet if your pet is on prescribed medication?

Some medications can accumulate in the body, and can be hazardous at certain levels. CBD can sometimes slow the rate at which the liver clears these medications out of the body, which could add to an unsafe level building up. With most medications this isn’t an issue, but your vet can quickly tell you whether there is any reason to be concerned. If you’re looking to replace a prescription medicine with a natural alternative, your vet can guide you on decreasing the prescribed medication as you add the CBD to their diet.

If you’re going to add CBD to your pet’s routine, make sure there is no THC and no xylitol in the product, as both of those are toxic to both dogs and cats.

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