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Can CBD Help My Allergic Dog or Cat?

So many pet owners are frantically searching for solutions for their pet's constant scratching due to allergic reactions. They've tried changing their food, their bedding, their shampoo...and still they scratch. The only real solution to identifying exactly what your dog or cat is allergic to is a comprehensive allergy test, but unfortunately that is just not in the budget for many people.

One of the questions I get most often, is Will CBD help my pet's itching?

Before recommending CBD oil, I always ask questions to make sure they have tried to resolve the issue by swapping out their food for one that does not contain chicken or duck. If a dog is allergic to kibble, a significant number of those allergies will be caused by chicken, so it is an easy first swap. I also recommend they avoid duck, because many dogs that are allergic to chicken are also allergic duck.

If you already been through the food swap roulette, and your dog or cat is still itching, then CBD oil may offer them some relief. Obviously it cannot remove the cause of their itching, but CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory which can calm the reactions to the allergens. It is more economical than prescription drugs, and much easier on their body.

Drop me a message or come visit me at The Oshawa Markets, 555 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, ON Sat & Sun 10 - 6 and let's chat about it.

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